How can mere magnets hold a featherboard solidly?

The Grip-Tite magnet is a special type of "focused" magnet which moves the magnetism of the large internal magnet down to the cast iron table or steel fence. This magnet is so strong you can lift a small cast iron tablesaw with a couple of the GT Pro featherboards. We have even sold this magnet to Sandia Labs in Albuquerque.

Years ago some of our customers let me know that the Grip-Tite was so strong it was difficult for them to remove and adjust. So about six years ago we added the release cam for easy adjustment and removal.

We have a life time guarantee on magnet strength, 2 year on everything else, including polycarbonate side fins, hold downs, and rollers.

How do I know how tight to set this featherboard?

Normally you should be able to push wood through the saw with one finger on the end of the board. A lot of pressure just creates work for you. Remember- you are replacing your fingers- how much pressure do you use with them?

Always put the wood on the saw first, then bring the Grip-Tite fin and roller up to the wood. The lexan fin should barely bend.

We have a free 5 min introductary videoCD available which shows setups and uses, and the 30 minute instructional dvd video ($10) which comes with the system purchase.

Why is there only one spring instead of many?

If a board tries to kick back one sharp spring can penetrate and stop the wood.

Wooden featherboards and poly featherboards do not have sharp edges and are poor kickback preventers.

My old wood Grip-Tite doesn't seem as strong as it once was. Why?

The wood base has expanded because of high humidity, and raised the magnet off the deck . Put a piece of 80 grit sandpaper (sand up) on the tablesaw and pull the Grip-tite across it until you can see sanding marks in the steel. We switched to the yellow ABS base to eliminate this wood movement .

Hello, I just bought a Grip-Tite Guide from Woodcraft in Charlotte, NC. Your web site (and the paperwork with my GT Guide) shows a roller attached to the Guide. Was there supposed to be a roller included with my Guide? Thanks a lot.

You bought the standard Grip-Tite which we have been selling for 10 years. There is no roller attached to it. The roller is an accessory $ 14.95- You can add it to your Grip-Tite.

You need to add a steel fenceplate to your fence to use the roller.

The steel fenceplate should be at least 14 ga. thick and 4" high, like the one we sell. With a 4" high steel plate, you can hold down a 2" board. With our height extension plate clamped on, you can hold down a 6" board on edge for resaw, bevel , and shaper cuts.

Our plates come in 6 lengths. 43", 36", 30", 24", 12", and 6". They are countersunk, ground smooth, and acrylic coated after a right angle is bent into the top for stiffness. For a table saw the plate should be about as long as the fence.

They can be attached directly to aluminum(unifence), biesemeyer type, and jet plastic face fences, or attached to a wood subfence.

The steel is not necessary below 1.5" off the deck so you can attach the fence above a router bit or dado blade and cut into the wood subfence without hitting steel.

How can I use the Grip-tite on my aluminum saw, or formica router table, or radial arm saw?

Add our steel fenceplate to your saw or router fence, and use the Grip-Tite with the roller guide attachment. The spring loaded abrasive rollers pull wood to the fence so strongly, you can pull a 10' long 1x2 moulding through the router with a string glued to it. Each roller pulls with 10-15# force to the fence. You can rip a 4x8 sheet of plywood accurately, by yourself, pushing with one finger.

I make lots of thin pieces. Will the Grip-Tite work?

Using the Grip-tite with Rollerguide on the fence, you can cut multiple.thin pieces (down to 1/8") between the blade and the fence, as fast as you can push the wood. You push one piece of wood thru with the next.

Using theGrip-Tite with Rollerguide stuck to the steel fenceplate lets you accurately cut short, long, and thin wood between fence and blade. It is very easy to rip, dado, or shape a 1/4"x 1/4" x 12 foot long stick, even on a formica router table (with a steel plate an inch and a half above the blade).

We make a slotted deck plate. You can temporarily attach this to your aluminum saw or formica router table, and use the Grip-Tites on the deck.

Who is that crazy guyat the Woodworking shows who jambs the 2x4 into the blade trying to make it kick back?

That is my brother, Mike Jaksha. He puts on a great show, doesn't he? (PS: He still has all his fingers)

Please call with any other questions 1-800-475-0293

Jerry Jaksha

GT inventor, show demonstrator(sometimes), webmaster, janitor, CEO,etc.